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MasterConsole Z

MasterConsole Z is a space-saving, flexible KVM solution that allows one user to access and manage up to 64 (PS/2, USB, Sun) servers through a daisy-chain of computer interface modules (MZCIMs), each of which is connected to a target server.

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MasterConsole Z is the ideal solution for:

  • Densely packed 1U and 2U rack mount servers
  • Small to medium-sized server rooms, data centers, ISPs and Web hosting facilities
  • Computer test labs, call centers, help desks, training rooms
  • Small and medium-sized businesses, where the servers are not all in the same room

 System Components
The MasterConsole Z system consists of three basic components:

1. User Station (MZUST) – enables a user console (keyboard, video and mouse) to access and control up to 64 servers via simple, on-screen user interface.

2. Computer Interface Modules (MZCIMs) – innovative cables that connect directly to the keyboard, video and mouse ports of target servers via PS/2, USB or SUN interfaces to provide failsafe server access using  Raritan's keyboard/mouse emulation technology.  MZCIMs are linked (chained) one to the next with a single Cat5e UTP cable; the first MZCIM in the chain is linked to the User Station via Cat5e UTP cable.  The same cable chain can accommodate PS/2, Sun and USB-connected servers.

3. Terminator (TER-ZCIM) - terminates the daisy-chain of MZCIMs.

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Space-saving design

Maximizes the use of data center space and KVM ports.  Not a traditional "switch", therefore it takes up no rack space. Requires only a small desktop user station.  Daisy-chain configuration eliminates server-to-switch coax cables, simplifying installation.

Simple installation

Plug-and-play installation, with auto-configuration and easy-to-use, on-screen display.

Video resolution

Supports the highest video resolution in the KVM industry - 1600 x 1200 @ 75Hz


Supports password-based authentication


Allows one user to access and manage up to 64 servers through a User Station (MZUST) connected to a daisy-chain of interface modules (MZCIMs), one plugged into each target device.

Hardware platform independence

Works with a mixture of servers having PS/2, USB and Sun interfaces. This unique design manages with a switchless KVM solution what previously took several platform-specific switches.

Cat5 Simplicity™

Utilizes Cat5e cabling for KVM signaling between the MZCIMs and from the modules to a single user console. The daisy-chain can be extended, with additional MZCIMs, up to 700 feet end to end.  This makes it the logical choice in small to medium-sized data centers, where system administrators work in separate rooms from the servers themselves.

Target can be labelled with devices names

Allows easier computer selection from the on-screen menu.



Supports up to 64 PS/2, USB and Sun servers

The MasterConsole Z saves you time and money by giving the user access up to 64 PS/2, USB and Sun servers.  The MZCIMs plug into the keyboard, video and mouse ports of each server using Raritan's unique DirectConnect technology.  MZCIMs are included in the same daisy-chain, making this switchless KVM solution particularly economical. 


What is the MasterConsole Z?
MasterConsole Z, the next generation in the Z-Series of KVM solutions, replaces the traditional KVM switch box with an innovative, server-to-server daisy-chain arrangement, significantly reducing cable clutter. Small Computer Interface Modules (MZCIMs), connected to the keyboard, video and mouse ports of each server, are linked with standard Category 5e UTP cable and transmit keyboard, video and mouse signals to a User Station. A keyboard, video and mouse plug into the User Station, enabling the user to select and control up to 64 servers via simple on-screen menus. The daisy-chain can be up to 700 feet end to end.

How is the MasterConsole Z unique?
Raritan's innovative MasterConsole Z offers a switchless solution that enables access and control of multiple-platform servers from a single user console (keyboard, video and mouse), without consuming precious rack space. MasterConsole Z controls up to 64 servers and eliminates the traditional KVM switch box, as well as all of the hard-to-manage, server-to-switch cables. It is designed to support management of the most challenging server environments, where space is at a premium or where systems to be accessed are up to 700 feet away.

What are the components of a MasterConsole Z system?
A MasterConsole Z system consists of three components: a User Station (MZUST), Computer Interface Modules (MZCIMs) and a Terminator (TER-ZCIM). Computer Interface Modules connect to the keyboard, video and mouse ports of each computer (PS/2, USB or SUN) and provide failsafe computer access with Raritans dedicated keyboard/mouse emulation. MZCIMs are linked one to the next with a single Category 5e UTP cable; the last MZCIM in the chain is linked to the User Station. The User Station allows a person at one user console (keyboard, mouse and monitor) to select and control up to 64 servers via a simple, on-screen user interface.

How do MZCIMs work?
MZCIMs connect up to 64 servers in a daisy-chain," each MZCIM plugging into one server's keyboard, video and mouse ports, as well as the MZCIMs preceding it and following it in the chain. The MZCIMS securely receive and transmit KVM signalling between the servers and the MasterConsole Z User Station over a UTP Cat5 cable. With the User Station, an administrator can select between target servers to access and control, and can grow the chain to add more servers as needed.

How is the MasterConsole Z designed to grow with a business?
MZCIMs can be purchased in groups as starter kits or individually. A system administrator can purchase only the number of modules he or she needs, and then add additional MZCIMs as they add servers.

What interfaces does the MZCIMs support?
MZCIMs provide access to multiple platforms, including Sun, USB and PS/2.


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